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The basics to know to become a professional blogger

Blogging is becoming more and more popular., but not all are professional blogs. Indeed, there are still many amateur bloggers who dream of one day making it their profession.

In this article, we invite you to discover how it is possible to become a professional blogger by giving themselves the means.

What is a professional blogger?

The professional blogger is a person who makes a living from his profession as a blogger. In some cases, the professional blogger is referred to as a person who delivers relevant content, without it being their job.

What is a professional blogger?

So the professional blogger has a blog as his main working tool, and he regularly writes content for a previously targeted audience. The blog monetization is worked in different ways, among which we can highlight:

  • The distribution of advertising negotiated directly with companies and/or through a network such as Google Adsense.
  • The sponsored articles.
  • Membership.
  • the netlinking.
  • E-commerce in the case where a shop is attached to the blog.

If the job can make some people dream, you could quickly become disillusioned knowing that it is a very demanding job and that you can spend several hours a day there. A job that is mainly reserved for enthusiasts of this fact. Professional and independent bloggers sometimes spend more than 14 hours a day on their blog. But when you love, you don’t count!

You don’t become a professional blogger overnight. and rarely by choice, unless you understand all the contours. It is rather the desire to write, the passion to transmit knowledge or to share a universe which is the starting point.

Thereafter, it is rather the visibility gained through his blog, which tends to become a professional blogger.

Availability and time to devote to your blog

First of all, if you want to become a professional blogger, know that you will need to have a very high availability. Time will have to become your main ally, but you will also have to be ready from a psychological point of view, that is to say, ready to embark on this adventure. This profession requires a significant investment on the part of the blogger.

Availability and time to devote to your blog

It’s a job that represents many hours a week, spent behind your computer screen, monitoring, writing, fine-tuning, optimizing, generating partnerships, etc. Admittedly, these are not all the points to be worked on at the start, but you can get there quickly if you take the game seriously.

In addition, you will also have to experience the “crossing of the desert”, that is to say a long time when you will not immediately have all the expected results of your work. You will therefore have to arm yourself with patience and have a steel mind to go after your “dream”, if it is one for you.

Know how to surround yourself well and avoid any negative influence. It would make you go back, because little measures the magnitude of the work and the patience to acquire to succeed. Only you will acquire it over time and through perseverance. Unfortunately, few will help you around you and sometimes even on the Internet, you will experience adversity and jealousy. But it’s a good sign because it means you’re disturbing!

Improve your creativity in community management

In other words, it’s time, time and more time! But what happiness at the end of the tunnel when the light begins to dawn.

A good topic on which Internet users are looking for information

Even if your passion interests you the most, know that it will not be an interesting subject for all Internet users. You should know that the blogs that work are those that will be able to meet diverse and varied needs. Take the time to compare your various favorite subjects with what is already done on the web. You will probably need to use tools, allowing you to analyze the queries entered around your subjects.

We can therefore, for example, mention the travel blog that will allow people to live their lives vicariously by escaping. One can also cite the fashion blogging, which allow them to not miss anything on the latest trends. The health and wellness blogs are also very coveted by Internet users, because of the physical appearance which is very important in our society.

Take the time to browse and educate yourself on forums, see on Facebook communities if you deem it necessary. Obtaining information from various passionate bloggers will certainly help you in the progress of your blog project.

The right topic for your blog

You will therefore need to take stock of your current skills and knowledge, in order to find the right captivating topic for Internet users. The one that will allow you to feed your passion, but also and above all, to lead you more easily to your professional blogger status.

Seduce Internet users and learn the fundamentals of SEO

Given the number of blogs on the web, know that you will have to be able to seduce Internet users with relevant, original content that meets identified needs. Thereafter it will be a question of mastering the fundamentals of SEO, to learn how to position your articles on search engines and in particular Google.

When the time comes, you can aim the first Google position among your major requests. But immediately create interesting content capital and get trained natural reference at the same time, it will serve you much more than you might think.

learn the fundamentals of SEO

For this, it will be necessary work on your content so that they are of high quality, work on your titles so that they are catchy, but also offer a pleasant user experience. Content optimization will eventually allow you to gain positions on Google and gain more visibility. It’s a job that won’t be rewarding overnight, so focus on the medium, long term on the SEO aspect.

Also avoid wanting to direct your readers too often to sponsored links or advertisements, because they will quickly get bored, and you will run straight into the wall. Stay relevant and wait to gain a little notoriety, while attracting a first qualified audience. You can go for sponsorship and / or advertising to broadcast on your blog later.

To retain your audience, you will have to seduce them through your articles in the first place and with your personal touch. An audience is not systematically loyal, because it renews itself according to the needs it expresses at a given time.

Get trained in blogging

With blogging development, several formations have appeared to train in this sector. Even if there are many autodidacts among bloggers, they are still increasingly rare. A large part of today’s professional bloggers have followed or are following training to be able to live from their passion, until they become completely professional.

This is also the case at the level of SEO previously raised or web writing which also includes it. It is very important to train in this universe when you want live from his blog.

blogger, professional blogger

Many choices will have to be made when you create your blog, and it’s not always easy to choose when you don’t have the necessary experience. Newbie bloggers will often make bad choices, which are then difficult to rectify. Some lose their passions and their desire because they do not have the right basics.

Here’s what training to become a professional blogger could do for you:

    • Acquisition of the basics of blogging;
    • The WordPress environment;
    • Web writing and SEO;
    • Methodology to work faster;
    • Learning all the technical terms to save considerable time;
    • Learn to use social networks to amplify your communication;
    • Meetings with other bloggers to be able to exchange and share your experience as a beginner;
    • New ideas to quickly evolve your blog;
    • Valuable advice to set up, thereafter, the monetization of your blog.
    • Webdesign and the basics of HTML / CSS languages

Know that become a professional blogger, implies that your blog must allow you to earn money, and that is not so easy. It is a strategy to be deployed, which must be applied and implemented.

It is therefore essential to train you to achieve your goals and save considerable time. This will allow you to be able to obtain an income more quickly thanks to the acquisition of visibility. Be aware that without training, some bloggers could take several years to complete their blog perfectly, and this without succeeding in becoming a professional.

In conclusion

Here are some basics to understand the subject, before going more in depth on other articles which will target the project of creating a blog in the broad sense. Knowing what to expect is a first step to take, training will be beneficial to save time and properly frame your project.

Then it is the work on the project itself that will have to be taken care of, so as not to make mistakes once the project has started and is online.

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