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The 3 fundamental points to start blogging

Become a blogger is accessible to everyone, if you know how to write a minimum and be relevant in your content. It is therefore necessary to have the required skills in terms of content production. Afterwards there are clear objectives to define and therefore what we are looking for through a blog.

To put it simply, and this post is mainly aimed at beginners, you have to integrate 3 pillars in blogging and then work on visibility. Achieving it is a first phase, working on it is another. It is better to work without losing courage and without exhausting your passion, than to want to do everything at the same time with the risk of giving up.

Becoming a blogger: the starting budget

First of all, avoid going through online CMS* or free hosting, you may regret it in the long term, from an SEO point of view. Unless, of course, your project is not to become a referent or to gain visibility over the months and years.

Also distinguish between the free hosting offered by WordPress: and the solution that is installed on a server downloadable from It’s the same kernel in both cases, but the hosting where to install WordPress, must somehow belong to you to have your hands on it. This is where we talk about a server (shared or dedicated)

blogging,blog project,passion,perseverance,regularity

Let’s see what it costs to have the elements to create a blog. It all depends on whether you will be the creator or whether you want to outsource its creation to an agency or a freelancer. In which case the budget of your blog will be revised upwards, according to the cost of the service.

For a yearly budget of 150 to 200 € you can Create a blog hosted by a service provider such as OVH, LWS and others and obtain 2 domain names in .com and .fr. WordPress will usually come pre-installed on a shared server, i.e. shared between several website owners. Thereafter, you can turn to a dedicated server if your traffic is growing and this choice is justified.

The last thing to invest in will be the theme of your blog under WordPress (included in the 150 to 200€). The most relevant platform for choose a WordPress theme on the internet is Envato Themeforest. You will have hundreds of themes to choose from, and you will just have to be patient to choose the right one. Turn to popular themes and/or top sellers from Themeforest.

For the theme, get help from a professional or a real amateur, because the creation part of the blog requires some knowledge with a good understanding of the WordPress universe and page builders.

*CMS: Content Management System or content manager like WordPress which is the best known.

The 3 pillars of blogging to achieve visibility

Achieving visibility is a first objective in blogging, but to achieve it, there are 3 fundamental pillars which will be a bit like your personality traits. Without them, you risk abandoning your project quickly, because the visibility sought on a blog can only be acquired on this condition. Beyond that, there is another job that will be attached to the natural referenceor the ability tooptimize your content in order to position it on a search engine like Google.

On this point I bring you back to the previous link, because it involves work on its subject and its keywords. The goal being for any person or blogger, to reach the first google position on his major requests. Now let’s see the pillars that will allow you to pass a long crossing of the desert.

1. Passion: an essential driving force in any project

Passion is the first thing to have when starting a blogging project, because taking a position on a subject or a universe requires mastering it well and being able to talk about it. Being passionate will help you find the right content, things to say, to do or not to do. A passion is something that transpires in a person who talks about a specific topic, and it makes you want to know more when you enjoy the topic.

blogging,blog project,passion,perseverance,regularity

This is the fuel that will power the second pillar. However, passion alone is not enough, because you have to know how to channel it and express it. These are the points that target writing and the ability to convey a message while meeting the expectations of Internet users. What are the topics in your area of ​​expertise that will interest your future audience?

2. Perseverance: the long road to visibility

If you want to make yourself visible on the Internet, whether through a request entered by a user that leads to your content or via social networks, you will have to be patient. Become visible is not a principle that can be won overnight and it too will depend on the 3rd pillar. It is these 3 principles put together that will lead you to visibility.

The latter requires work on content and its optimization for achieve good positions on Google. Faster visibility is generally only acquired through social networks at first.

3. Regularity: be constant and organized in the distribution of its content

You can be passionate and persevering, but at your own pace and irregularly! By that we mean when I have the time and when I can. Apart from regularity, it means producing content according to a schedule to stick to. Write every day at such time, or every Tuesday and Thursday at such time etc…

You have to be regular but not just once a month, or even a week. The more space you post, the less traffic you will generate and the less activity you will show Google that there is activity on your blog. Thereafter you can slow down, but at the beginning, put the turbo while being relevant.

blogging,blog project,passion,perseverance,regularity

Blogging is an appointment that you make with your community if you want loyalty via social networks in particular. Later you will learn the web traffic sources and especially the work on organic traffic to position yourself on Google.

If you want to follow a complete training on the subject of web writingwhich integrates the natural referencing or SEO dimension, you will understand the issues and you will save time, but it is an additional investment.

Go further : the fundamentals to become a professional blogger

In conclusion

If your personality reflects passion, perseverance and regularity, then you have 3 assets that will allow you to go further and stay in the long term for monetize your blog for example, and thus become a professional blogger. What separates the amateur and the professional lies initially on these 3 points.

The next step is to continue learning, improving and managing your community well via social networks and your audience. The audience being different from the community.


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