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How to Install a WordPress Theme: The Basics

If you are here, you have installed WordPress on your hosting space and that you are about to install your future theme. It turns out that everything is done on the interface of WP, to make this action easy and fast, so let’s immediately see how to perform this famous installation.

First, let’s go to the dedicated space. To do this, once connected to WordPress, click on the left in the side menu, on Appearance. Then just click on Themesas following :


This will switch us to the page where all the thumbnails of the themes already installed, including the one that is enabled by default. The page then looks substantially like the following:


The page is very simple. At the top left is the theme already activated by default on the relevant blog. On the side and possibly below, we will find other themes installed but disabledif however others are present.

Thus, for install theme of his choice, it will suffice to click: on the button To add on the top corner left : add wordpress theme

Or click on the insert Add Theme with the + sign at the bottom of the page:


In both cases, this will refer to the following page where you can also view the catalog of free themes from WordPress:


Install a Free WordPress Catalog Theme

Once connected to the catalog page of WordPress Themesit is possible to navigate among the different menus offered: Highlighted, Popularlatest… It is also possible to search for a free theme by name or keywords.

Whatever the chosen theme, to select it, simply position the cursor on the theme preview thumbnail to see two buttons appear:


Thus, we can have an overview of the Theme by clicking on Overviewwhile to install it it will be enough to click on To install 🙂

If you click on To installso WordPress will only take a few seconds to fetch the files, to upload them to the hosting space and it will switch to the next page which will confirm the installation of the chosen theme, summarizing the Theme Name and its version. Example with the Aron free theme :


You found thatinstall a theme was long and complicated ;)? No, the installation is therefore well and truly short and simpleif we speak well only of theinstallation : namely the action we have just seen.

The installation of a WordPress theme consisting in depositing the files of a theme on its hosting space:
– Either automatically via a simple click on to install as seen previously.
– Either by uploading a theme from his computer to his blog/WP site

Let’s see the second type of installation now.

Install a WordPress theme from your computer

The operation is the same as that presented previously in terms of the access path: We will therefore go to Appearance Then in Themes. Once on the page dedicated to Themes, click on To add top left or Add a theme. Which will send us to the famous catalog of free themes, where it will be necessary to click at the very top of the page, on Upload a theme. Then the click will switch to the following view, which actually differs from the previous case:


Logically, all you have to do is click on the button: Choose a filewhich will cause a window to ‘pop’ inviting you to browse the folders on your computer to find the zipped file of the wp-theme you have chosen.

Warning : Your Theme file must be at “zip” format. Moreover, if for example you bought/downloaded your theme on an independent site, it happens that the zipped file of the theme is itself in another zipped folder containing other documents (resources of all types, demo photos, etc.). It is therefore better before any download on the blog or site, to check if the “zip” file concerned is the theme folder and not something else.

In this case, once the Zip file of the theme has been selected on your computer, you get the following result: thumbnail-install-goodbye

To launch the installation of the theme from WP, we will then click on the button: Install now. The database will then work for about ten seconds, the time to deposit the files on the hosting server, then as before, WP will confirm the correct installation of the theme.

Finally, it will be possible to have an overview of the theme clicking on Preview. While to activate the theme, it will be necessary to click on Activate :


Discover in video now how to install and activate a free theme from the official WP catalog:

Automatic installation of a theme via WordPress itself is therefore truly simple and fast. Once the operation has been carried out a few times, the time to know the access path, to have learned to understand the management of a theme, then any installation or uninstallation becomes an easy act.

It is therefore also possible, as indicated above, to install your theme on the blog/site using software/ftp-client For example FileZilla. We will see this technique later.

And who says installation, also says possible need for uninstallation. Let’s see it below:

Uninstalling a WP Theme

Uninstalling a WP theme will be just as simple. If the theme to be removed is already deactivated, then the operation will consist of clicking on the thumbnail of the theme concerned:


Once you click on the theme image, a dynamic window will open. We will then click at the bottom right on the button To delete as following :


The internet browser (Chrome in this case), will ask for confirmation of the wish to uninstall the theme. I valid Okay. WordPress is finally launching the expected uninstall and confirms it by taking us back to the themes page:


Good news, your theme is now uninstalled from your blog/WP site! =) All in just a few minutes.

Find a host that suits your needs

To launch your website, several projects will present themselves to you and it is essential to make the right choices so that everything goes perfectly. The question of the host will then quickly arise. Faced with the many hosts available on the market, it is not always easy to know which one to choose. Do not panic, you will be able to find out more about how to choose your host and make your choice knowingly.

Choose your host

When launching your website, you will have to work on the design and architecture of your site so that it is pleasant to see and that your future visitors have a unique experience. In addition to this important work, it is essential to choose a host for your website. To find out more, you can visit this site. To choose your accommodation, it is recommended to know your needs. To choose accommodation, you can choose between 3 types of accommodation. You will thus find shared hosting on the market, where you will share your server with other sites. You will also have the choice of opting for dedicated hosting where you are the only one to use your hosting. The first could be used for your blog, for example, but if you want to develop a high-performance site, then dedicated hosting is the solution you need at all costs.

Tools offered by your host

When you use a host for your website, it is important that the technical service is responsive and efficient, because if you encounter a problem, or if you have a question, you will want a quick answer. In addition, you can make backups of your site to return to an old version if you have a technical problem. Do not hesitate to check that your host includes this feature.

On YesWeBlog, very soon, other tutorials will arrive for most Blog platforms: Blogger/Blogspot,, OverBlog, CanalBlog... And to accompany the tutorials, lists of essential and useful resources will also arrive.

I also put online yesterday this page dedicated to the main sites where to Find your WP Theme. List which will also be enriched every week.

Happy Blogging!


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