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How to improve the visibility and traffic of your blog?

There are certainly many practices to boost the traffic of your blog, but what is actually effective and verified by real bloggers? We will see here 6 points to work on to allow you toincrease your traffic efficiently and intelligently.

update July 2021

Boost your blog traffic

Boost your blog traffic, what does that mean in clear terms and in figures? It is the ability to increase the number of unique visitors (VU / Users), to retain them and allow you to be well positioned on the main search engine, namely Google. The ideal is to aim the first Google position on its major keywords.

In figures, it is from an established number of visitors, to a number of visitors that can double or even triple in the space of a few months.

Let’s take the fictitious example of a blog that would total approximately 20,000 unique visitors (users), and see how it could reach 40,000 to 60,000 in 6 to 8 months. Is it utopian? not if you put some common sense rules into practice and stick to them over time.

Also consider the theme of your blog which must be promising for your readers, and those who are looking for content similar to yours.

By reaching a number of unique visitors Interestingly, you may become a target for brands depending on your industry. You will thus be able to have the possibility of monetizing your blog, and why not earn in return a few hundred euros per month. Money is not a goal to achieve with his blog…. be motivated and let time and passion take their course.

A first sponsored article or a first partnership, it is an encouragement and a step to take to boost your motivation this time to continue the adventure.

The main obstacles for those who start blogging are generally the lack of motivation and perseverance!

The actions to be taken below are to be considered as a whole, because we do not write daily without a goal and a search for positioning, otherwise we hit a big blow in the wind.

This is how we will see that the different points are linked together like the internal mesh of a site. You can follow this method if you want start a blog or if it is relaunch your blog after a long period of inactivity.

Now let’s address these 6 points:

1. The frequency of writing

If it is better to have a sustained writing frequency, it does not mean quantity at all costs! Moreover, it is a subject that has several dimensions. If you have a blog that hosts multiple categories, then it’s tempting to fill them up.

Conversely, if your blog has only a few categories, one could easily think that it is not necessary to write regularly. In any case, frequently published content makes it possible to boost your blog traffic

Another parameter to consider is the balance of publications from one week to another, from one month to another, etc. If you cannot write regularly, you will have to know how to favor publication days such as Tuesdays and on Thursdays, and then stick to them. It is not a question of writing 2 times a week today, 5 times tomorrow and then one and only time etc…

Be consistent and increase the frequency when you can sustain it. The parameter to induce in its publications is the one that will follow; the natural reference. You have to think first of all SEO when you write on an axis of search for visibility, and therefore indirectly for traffic.

If you thus combine a sustained writing frequency and a search for positioning in SEO, you will inevitably climb in the search results. It is at this stage that we begin to write intelligently, without of course degrading the interest of the content for the reader.

All the same, it is a matter of finding a happy medium and not accelerating the pace overnight. Go gradually because the goal is also to be read and shared.

2. Natural referencing /SEO to boost traffic and visibility

SEO which is also called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) boils down to writing an article in order to please Google and thus give it a good positioning on the search engine.

The classic trap of the blogger is to sometimes favor this axis, at the expense of the quality of the content. The risk being to lose its readership on the lack of added value of the content. The ideal is to know the fundamentals of SEO at a minimum, in order toimprove its positions on Google.

SEO: Boost blog traffic

You have to know how to alternate and not be stingy with the information to be delivered according to the subjects. We do not overoptimize its content at all costs, under cover that it will take a good position, the opposite could happen. The term natural referencing takes on its full meaning if we bring it back to the writing, because it must also be natural!

You will have to learn to improve your SEOplace Hn beacons (H2, H3, H4…) by dividing its content into paragraphs, and this correctly, while inserting its keywords. The famous Yoast SEO plugin can already help you optimize the basic elements of your articles.

Also consider the long tail in SEO : Should we favor generic keywords or the long tail? By reading this article you will understand these 2 axes which are inseparable and very complementary.

SEO is therefore the part to study well for learn how to position yourself on search engines. It is by gaining ranks that you will be made visible to those searching on Google.

It is important to know the search volumes on a query before being able to position yourself there,

or conversely, anticipate good positioning on hot news, for example.

You can also perfect your SEO knowledge by taking part in video training:

We answer a big question in this article: Should the community manager be an SEO expert?

3. Social Media – The relays of your articles

Social media and more specifically social networks, have nothing more to demonstrate in terms of visibility and virality brought to its content. It must be used for boost your blog trafficand thus allow other people to relay your content, include it in their monitoring and comment on it.

The first thing to put in place upstream is a good plugin for your WordPress blog to enable such sharing. I use personally Easy social sharing whose license costs between $25 and $30, but it can do everything and it is configurable as desired (beginners abstain unless you are ready to learn).

Social Media: Boost blog traffic

This plugin is a real factory, regularly updated and going beyond simple sharing, it will satisfy you. Do not hesitate to discover the many plugins until you find the one that suits you.

Then you will need an active Twitter account, a Facebook page, and without going into the details of all that implies, consider automating the tasks apart from any interaction which will remain manual.

Social networks will really allow you to boost the traffic of your blog. By allowing you to make yourself known where your future readership is and where sharing is commonly done, you will compensate for the lack of positioning of your blog on Google.

4. Backlinks to boost blog traffic

A big topic that stirs all SEO players including specialized agencies. It is a universe where the very bad and the very good coexist, in terms of work and knowledge in the matter. To put it simply, the principle of the backlink consists in recovering incoming links to its site, but not just any.

We mainly seek to be tagged by sites with strong authority to hope gain places on Google. It is in this case an axis towards which to move when the blog gains real legitimacy on its subject. Not before and unless you put the matter in the hands of a competent agency.

You will find many topics on the net like this one for example: Backlink: What is an inbound link?

Semrush also offers tools and an introduction on the subject via this page: Backlinks

5. The newsletter! a lever that will boost your blog traffic

Whatever we say, the newsletter remains a very good way of boost your blog traffic. It helps you maintain retention with your readership, by informing them of the arrival of new articles, promotional offers or privileged and specific content.

If it does not directly impact your blog traffic as we have seen on previous and future points, it nevertheless allows you to reactivate your readers and generate clicks to your publications. Above all, remember to insert your latest articles through a visual, a title and possibly a small excerpt.

A solution like Sendinblue, entirely in French, will help you design a professional newsletter for a very flexible cost of a few euros, and for several thousand mailings per month (40,000)

Also remember to read this article to guide you on the points not to forget to perfect your newsletter: How to create perfect newsletters in 10 points?

6. Articles involving influencer bloggers

The topics of the articles, the catchy headlines, content oriented on advice etc… are very many points to gain visibility, but there is another very viral way to gain traffic. This isinvolve influential bloggers within an article, by giving them the floor.

You can put them to work on an open question and cut the article into several chapters by influencer. At the end of the paragraph you insert a tweet ready to go and you will allow your readers to share the point of view of this or that influencer.

Read and watch how this article is constructed to understand the principle:

How to work with influencer bloggers?

How to work with influencer bloggers?

Conclusion on boosting the visibility and traffic of your blog

If you put these few tips into practice by being constant and persevering, you will inevitably see your traffic increase and your blog gain visibility on Google. It is not a matter of a day or a week, but of several months to achieve an interesting and traffic-generating positioning.

You can win a lot, maybe less on competitive themes, but you will win no matter what!












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