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Google gives recommendations on how websites can appear in Google News

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Websites that appear in Google News can drive additional traffic, in part because there are different places where news appears. The company has now published in a new blog the important criteria for Google when selecting news sources.

Previously, Google News had its own signup process. Websites selected by Google could also appear in Google News – all others, however, could not.

Today, the situation is different: basically, all websites have the option of appearing in different places where Google shows news. In addition to the Google News apps for Android and iOS, this also includes the website, Google Search, YouTube, Google Assistant, and Google Discover.

Within search, the titles or top stories that Google displays for certain search queries are particularly interesting. They are displayed very prominently and can thus achieve many clicks.

What properties should news content have to appear in Google News? Google has now published in a new blog post. In order to increase the chances that Google will display content from a website in one of the news-relevant positions, it must have a high degree of expertise, authority, and trustworthiness, also known as from EAT. Additionally, there should be a history of original and current relevant content. And last but not least, must Google News Policy be respected.

Google points out that these criteria only apply to selections in headlines, the search news tab, and Google News, but not to appearance in normal search results.

The ranking of news results is determined by Google based on various criteria such as relevance, importance, authority, timeliness, location, and language.

The Google Search Console can be used to check if and where Google News displays content from a website. There is a separate menu item for Google News in the left navigation. And for news results in search, you can filter the search performance report to the “news” search type.

Google News in Search Console

While using the Google Publisher Center may help Google index content better, admission to the Publisher Center does not guarantee that content will appear in Google News or certain news-related search rankings such as than Top Stories.

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