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Do these innovations at Google and Yelp support you? Online Solutions Group

Local SEO: These innovations at Google and Yelp are with you

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In October 2020, Google started showing call history in Google My Business. However, the data was empty and showed at best a summary of received and missed calls initiated from Google Maps or Google Search. Now, Google has started showing real caller data, which can help you improve your local SEO.

Additionally, Google has updated its Google Search Console Structured Data / Rich Results extension report to show more errors.

In addition to Google, Yelp has also introduced some improvements for local SEO.

Yelp introduces improvements for local businesses and your local SEO

Yelp has announced a series of updates designed to give business owners more control over their presence and reach on the platform. With Custom Location Targeting (CLT) allows businesses to designate a specific location to serve ads. Previously, they could only advertise within a radius of their physical location. You can also now use Yelp’s new budget recommendations, powered by machine learning, to optimize your campaigns.

These recommendations are based on company profile, campaign performance history, and lookalike audience data. Yelp Connect’s new feature, the Connect Audience Model, expands the tool’s scope of publishing people who have bookmarked or followed your Yelp profile to include people who interacted with a similar company or browsed a relevant category.

CLT has that Business support potentialwho operate in a geographical area different from that of their address, e.g. B. Home service providers or real estate companies that offer virtual home tours. The Connect audience model enables business owners to reach higher-intent audiences, and recommendations generated by machine learning can help advertisers optimize their budgets.

Google My Business call history report now shows call data

After several months of teasing a “call history report” that showed no data, Google My Business is now showing real caller data in this call history report for certain businesses. This is a beta feature, so you may not see them yet for your business. Typically, it shows you the caller ID details, the date of the call, and whether you answered or missed that call.

Local SEO Google Anrufverzeichnis

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As you can see it shows the The caller’s phone number, the date of the call, and whether the call was answered or missed would like. In addition, you can click the three buttons “Call”, “Copy” and “History” to call back the caller, copy the phone number or view the caller’s history, i.e. how many many times he called you. The total number of received and missed calls during this period is displayed at the top.

Improved reports for structured data

Google has its Google Search Console Extensions Report updated for structured data/rich results to show more errors. In short, Google is now able to report more issues with structured data. The company has changed the way it evaluates and reports errors for structured data in its Search Console extension reports.

Google My Business Local SEO Improvements

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Search Console can now recognize event entities at all levels of the hierarchy, not just at the root level. Additionally, Google says that errors in recommended settings are now reported as warnings and is no longer marked as an error will be. There is no need to worry. It’s a gear change. Simply review errors and warnings and make an informed decision when you want to make adjustments to your structured data.

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